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The Flu Season Cometh


As we all know, winter and flu season approaches, and no one likes to be sick (unless you are still at school, hate your job, or have Münchausen Syndrome). Anyway, as your prevention method, keep your hands clean, get vaccinated and consider assembling a simple home care kit for survival. This will consist mostly of products that are routine medicines available over the counter; fever and pain relievers, nasal sprays and decongestants and antihistamines. Keep the thermometer and tissues handy, drink plenty of water, juice and soup and listen to your body! Rest.



So I bet you’re wondering what’s with the whole #ThatWasEasy business we have plastered everywhere hmmm?

We built a whole campaign around a select few who had an easy, rewarding experience navigating our new website and online store. The response was a gleeful “That was easy!” and the campaign was born. We hope the new website is just as simple and pleasing to you and while admittedly, it’s been a challenging and sometimes hilarious experience with staff navigating their way in unchartered territory around the office, we are very excited to bring you this convenience and encourage your constructive feedback.