Chinaga Cap 30’s

Sexual Arousal Formula 30 Capsules



Chinaga Sexual Arousal Formula 30 Capsules is a natural arousal formula that contains L-arginine to increase libido and sustain erections. It also helps increase energy and vigour.

Chinaga Nature’s Ultimate Sexual Arousal Formula 30 Capsules

Detailed Description:
Libido revitalising formula. Contains L-arginine to assist with increased blood flow. Assists in experiencing ultimate sexual arousal the natural way. Assists in sustaining erections. More energy. More vigour. Harder + stronger for longer! Pro-print 3. New statutory requirement.

Pack size:
30 capsules

Quantity in pack:

Marketing description:
Chinaga. Nature’s ultimate sexual arousal formula. Easy to swallow. 30 capsules. Desire lust pleasure endurance.