Sinupret Syrup 100ml

To combat symptoms due to acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. 100 ml. Syrup to be taken orally



Sinupret Syrup 100ml is a specially formulated syrup that is taken orally in order to help fight symptoms caused by the acute inflammation of the sinuses.

Detailed Description:
Bionorica seal of origin. Composition: 100 g Sinupret® syrup contains: 10 g extract (drug/extract ratio 1:11) from gentian root, verbena herb, common sorrel herb, elder flowers, primula flower with calyx (1:3:3:3:3); extracting agent: ethanol 59% (v/v). Contains liquid maltitol. Contains 8% (v/v) alcohol. Please refer to the package insert. 086028735. For: Camox Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd. Under license from: Bionorica SE 92308 Neumarkt, Germany.